Lester L Barclay

The Barclay Law Group is named after Lester Barclay for a reason – he is the best of the…


Rafael L Taylor

Rafael Taylor is a legal fireman, putting out the biggest or closest fire to the firm and its clients….


Mitchell T Mancione

Mitchell Mancione might be the nicest lawyer on the face of the Earth, but he never shows it in…


Melba A Castillo

Melba Castillo focuses on all aspects of domestic and family law including, divorce, pre-judgment, post-judgment, custody, visitation, child support,…


Patrick D John

Patrick John is one of the most unique, charismatic, and inventive attorneys you will ever see. He was born…


Julia M Copeland

Julia enjoys helping people through the potentially difficult time of divorce and custody resolution. She thrives on personal client…


Terri Smith Blanchard

Terri Smith Blanchard is passionate about making sure all people have equal opportunities in city business and housing, what…

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